Dan Benarcik

The Garden Table Plans                                                  $45

The Garden Table Plans

A table, Suitable for cocktails or hors d'oeuvre with styling cues directly from the Garden Chair.

Will be sent as PDF unless hardcopy is requested.


The Garden Chair Plans

This is the same  plans only in an update digital form,improved graphics, streamlined assembly notes.

​Will be sent as PDF unless hardcopy is requested.

"It has been a fun project for both of us. Oh my gosh the chairs are great!

I am so excited I can hardly wait to give them away! Everyone will be thrilled."

- Red Wing, Minnesota

The Garden Chair Kit                                                      $225

The Garden Chair Plans                                                   $25

The Garden Chair                                      $325

Red Cedar and/or Douglas Fir construction for superior weather resistance. Weatherproof fasteners and adhesive for durability. Please contact me directly through this web site to discuss purchase and delivery.

​​Garden Chair Workshops

Build a chair with friends

Garden Chair Workshops are available for professional education and also for private events.

In less than three hours with only a cordless drill/driver, you will construct your own

Garden Chair. No prior experience with either woodworking, power tools or carpentry is

necessary. A fun and industrious session for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people

will yield a finished chair for all who participate. Garden Chair building is great for team building, birthday parties and get togethers. The cost per chair is $245, (Saving $80 per chair!) These workshops are available only locally (Delaware and surrounding areas) at this time due to transporting materials. Other opportunities are open to discussion. See Contact page.

The Garden Chair Kit

Building something yourself is an empowering experience. Pre-cut lumber and clear step-by-step directions, customer supplied hardware so you too can build The Garden Chair.

Packed and shipped individually, this solution is easier and less expensive than transporting a full sized chair.

Kits will usually be shipped for free, within 14 days of ordering as they are produced individually.

(As policy Kits are non-returnable. They can upon certain situations be used as credit toward a completed chair if delivery is accepted by customer) 

The Garden Chair Plans

Step by step instructions  to build your own

With clear step-by-step directions and easy to source lumber and hardware that you purchase​, 

you construct your own Garden Chair. Will be sent as PDF unless hardcopy is requested.

 The Garden Chair

"This chair ruined me. My very first visit to the garden Mecca that is Wave Hill was supposed to be the best thing that ever happened to me as a young horticulturist. But I saw the chair first, and it ruined me for all others." Drawn by its austere lines, lured by the simplicity and elegance of its construction, and more than pleasantly surprised by the comfort in which it embraced me. I must build this chair I thought, and so it began.

  For nearly twenty years I have been building, refining and enjoying this chair. Constructed by hand, this chair will provide years of enjoyment in your garden. I have shared it with hundreds of others, now I would like to share it with you."

   - Dan Benarcik

"The chair was specifically built to show that it is possible to create something beautiful, a spatial creation, with simple machine- processed parts. I cut a board of wood into planks and squares. I then sawed the middle part into two for the seat and the backrest, and I made the frame part out of the different lengths of plank. But as I was working on the chair, it never crossed my mind that one day it would become so significant that it would even influence architecture."

   - Gerrit Rietveld, (1918) about the Red-Blue chair

The Garden Bench Plans                                                  $40

The Garden Bench Plans

This is the three seater configuration in digital form,improved graphics, streamlined assembly notes.

​Will be sent as PDF unless hardcopy is requested.

The Garden Stool Plans                                                     $35

The Garden Chair Plans...Updated                                    $35

The Garden Stool Plans

A small table or stool, with styling cues directly from the Garden Chair. Sent as PDF.